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What is Bits of Gold's managed cold wallet?
What is Bits of Gold's managed cold wallet?
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The managed cold wallet of Bits of Gold was born after years of activity and experience in the crypto industry and from the vision to make the world of digital currencies accessible to anyone interested. Over the years, we have come to understand that many who wish to participate in the new and developing economy - to buy, sell, and trade in digital currencies - refrain from taking the first step in the field. Why? Out of fear of blockchain technology, which is sometimes perceived as complex, out of the burden of operating a digital wallet independently, the need to manage or remember complex passwords for the wallet, and more.

The managed cold wallet of Bits of Gold is designed to address exactly that. It allows smooth, simple, pleasant, and secure entry into the world of digital currencies with us behind the scenes. The wallet opens automatically with the creation of a user on the Bits of Gold website and can be easily navigated through the main menu by clicking on "Bits of Gold wallet." The wallet allows you to buy, sell, and withdraw all the cryptocurrencies we offer directly from the wallet, and soon it will also allow depositing cryptocurrencies from external platforms/wallets.

So, how does it work?

The unique functionality of the wallet is made possible by collaboration with the world-renowned custody service of BitGo Trust, where 100% of the currencies are stored in a cold and disconnected manner from the network, and secured, protected, and insured by advanced technology. The wallet is managed by Bits of Gold.

You can log in to your managed cold wallet from any device using a username and password or through Smart biometric authentication. You can even increase security by using Two-Factor verification.

The currency holding service in the managed cold wallet is free of charge and suitable for everyone. Join us!

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