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How do I withdraw crypto to an External Wallet?
How do I withdraw crypto to an External Wallet?
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Log into your account, click on 'Bits of Gold Cold Wallet,' and then click on the 'Withdraw' button.
Choose the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw from the currencies in your wallet and select the relevant account.

Enter the amount you wish to sell, in cryptocurrency or fiat. Pay attention to the minimum amount displayed for withdrawal.

Enter the external wallet address to which you want the coins to be sent and indicate if it belongs to you. We recommend giving the wallet address a name to easily identify it later on. If you already have saved wallet addresses in our system, click on 'My Addresses' and select the address from there.

To protect the coins in your wallet with us, we perform a verification process to ensure that the withdrawal request is indeed yours.

* For withdrawals up to 5,000 ILS, the process is digital and automatic. You will need to upload an identification document (passport / Israeli driver's license / Israeli biometric ID card) and then take a selfie photo according to the instructions on the screen.

* For withdrawals over 5,000 ILS, we take stricter security measures and ask to have a short identification call with you via Zoom. Our system will prompt you to schedule a call with us through the 'Calendly' system.

Done! At this stage, your withdrawal request has been received. The coins will be sent to the external wallet address you provided within 48 hours during our operating hours, following successful verification. You can track the status of the withdrawal in the 'Recent Activities' in the wallet. We also update via email.

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