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Buying Crypto monthly via Direct Debit
Buying Crypto monthly via Direct Debit
Updated over a week ago

Our direct debit program allows you to accumulate crypto monthly in one simple step that will save you valuable time, just as you would for a savings plan.

Fill out the registration form to join the Direct Debit service, create a direct debit order for Bits of Gold, and send us a reference of such and your wallet address.

Important info:

  • Minimum order is 500 ILS per cryptocurrency.

  • The discounted service fee is 1.55% taken from the fiat transfer

  • VAT will be added as per law.

  • The direct debit can be canceled or changed at any stage, up to the day before the coming transfer and after sending us a reference of the change /cancelation.

  • The rates are locked on the 15th of every month (or on the next business day if it falls on a weekend or holiday), at 12:00 and the coins will be sent to your digital wallet on the same day.

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