About us
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Bits of Gold was founded in 2013 by Jonathan Rouach, an engineer and blockchain entrepreneur, who has founded several companies in the field. Today, it is managed by Yuval Rouach. We have over 200,000 registered customers from around the world, and a team of over 30 employees, including even a few office pets! We operate from our beautiful offices in Tel Aviv.

What do we do? We offer a holistic solution in the world of digital currencies that provides a variety of services in one place, easily, simply, and securely. You can find the following with us:

  • Buying, storing, withdrawing, and selling cryptocurrencies through a managed cold wallet.

  • Buying and selling from external wallets.

  • Premium services for OTC transactions.

  • A wide range of convenient payment methods and purchase options.

  • Automatic crypto buying with recurring orders.

  • Tax deduction and reporting services.

  • Cash-back credit card accumulating Bitcoin monthly in collaboration with Max.

  • Customer service in Hebrew, English, and Spanish.

  • Additional crypto products and services.

  • A rich world of knowledge including content articles, tutorial videos, Crypto podcasts, conferences and events, and more (we swear there's even more!)

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