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Payment methods
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  • Bank Transfer - Starting from 750 ILS. rate lock is performed at the closest whole hour after the money enters the company's account and after successful identity verification, following our operating hours.

    • If you transfer payment outside our operating hours, the rate will be locked with the first-rate lock on the next business day.

  • Credit Card - Starting from 500 ILS. The rate lock is automatic after payment approval, subject to the company's credit risk management policy and account approval.

    • Israeli credit cards are limited to 100,000 ILS accumulated in a year.

    • Please be advised that the credit card issuer may impose additional fees, subject to the agreement between the issuer and the cardholder. These fees are unrelated to our company's operations; we have no influence, nor do we benefit from them.

  • Bitcoin ATM Cash - Starting from 20 ILS up to 5,000 ILS per day per person. The order rate is automatically locked at the time of payment, and the coins will be sent to your wallet immediately, subject to network load.


  • Bank Transfer - Starting from 750 ILS. Immediate gate lock with one approval on the blockchain network.

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