Bitcoin ATM
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The Bitcoin ATM is located at Achuzat Bait Street 1, Tel Aviv, at the Israeli Bitcoin Embassy. The ATM operating hours are updated on the Bits of Gold website. It is recommended to check the relevant hours of operation at the Embassy's website or call 03-5440242 to check.

To buy at the ATM you must arrive at the place with a valid ID and perform a short identification process on the tablet device next to the ATM, including an ID document photo.

  • Fill out your phone number and write the code provided by SMS.

  • Take a photo of your ID once again at the ATM.

  • Press the "Start" button to start the purchase.

  • Place the QR code of the digital wallet on your cellphone / paper wallet into the bottom right window of the ATM and wait for the scan confirmation. This indicates the wallet address you wish the ATM to send the coins to. If the QR code is on your cell phone, please make it as big as possible, so that it's clear and it can be scanned easily.

  • After the confirmation, enter the amount you want to purchase. The ATM accepts all types of bills - 20, 50, 100, and 200 ILS bills.

  • Click the "Send Bitcoin" button and the next screen will show you the transaction summary - the amount of Bitcoin purchased (Milli-Bitcoin) and the wallet address to which the coins will be sent. The rate is automatically locked when the payment is received and the coins will be automatically sent to your digital wallet. The process usually takes a few minutes and is dependent on the Blockchain's traffic.

Important Information:

* Minimum for purchase at the ATM - 20 NIS, maximum purchase at ATM - 5,000 NIS per day per person.

* The purchase requires identification by an ID card and completion of additional details on the tablet.

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