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When my coins will appear in my wallet?
When my coins will appear in my wallet?
Updated over a week ago

The coins you purchased will be visible in your wallet shortly and up to three business days after the rate is locked. This often happens much sooner, but we are dependent on other factors such as the banking system's working hours and more.

At any stage, you can go to the "My Orders" section in your account, click on the order you wish to check, and view the real-time updated status of the order.

Important Information:

  • Once the rate is locked, the amount of crypto coins that will be sent to your wallet is determined, and you are no longer subject to the rate fluctuations of the purchased coin.

  • For orders with a cumulative value of 50,000 NIS and above within half a year, the process also includes an identification call with a Bits of Gold representative, which can track the locking of the rate. You can mark the checkbox "I would like to lock the rate before the identification call.

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