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How to open an External Wallet?
How to open an External Wallet?
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There are many types of digital wallets, and it is important to have a reputable and secure wallet and back it up in duplicate. To open a wallet, download a wallet application, complete the registration process, and choose a password that you will remember.

The application will provide you with 12 or 24 words in English that you should write on paper (and not photograph with a device) and securely store in a place you will remember. The words serve as a backup for your wallet in case of loss or theft. It is recommended to use an authentication application, such as andOTP or Google Authenticator.

You can visit the Israeli Bitcoin Embassy and receive recommendations and assistance from the volunteers, they will be happy to help you! The embassy is located at 1 Ahuzat Beit St. in Tel Aviv. It is advisable to check the exact operating hours on the embassy's website or call 03-5440242.

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