Why do you have different account levels?
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We offer 3 account levels:
* Level 1 - Allows transactions up to 5,000 ILS accumulated in six months.
* Level 2 - Allows transactions up to 50,000 ILS accumulated in six months.
* Level 3 - Allows unlimited transactions.

Depending on the account level you choose, the questions and documents you will be asked to provide when creating the account will vary.

How can I upgrade my account level?

At any stage, you can upgrade your account level in one of two ways:

* Through "My Profile," click on "Upgrade to the next level" or "Upgrade to an unlimited account" and complete the requested details.
* If you perform a transaction that exceeds your accumulated transaction amount in the last six months to the next level, our system will automatically ask you to provide details so you can proceed with the transaction.

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